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What Should I Talk To My Business Coach About? Top 10 Key Areas to Focus On

What Should I Talk To My Business Coach About? Top 10 Key Areas to Focus On

Want a business coach, but don’t know what topics to discuss and which areas to improve? Let’s introduce you to our top 10 focus areas of development, including Communication and Presentation Skills, Emotional intelligence, Change Management, Leadership, Strategic Thinking, and much more.

In its simplest form, business coaching is a partnership based on learning, self and professional-development, open communication, and mutual commitment. A great business coach enables you to form new habits which will help you to take more strategic business decisions, and ultimately align your goals and values with your actions. However, from an individual perspective, knowing exactly what to talk to your business coach about can be difficult. You may feel like you have so many areas to cover, you don’t even know where to start. But don’t despair. In this short guide we cover some of the most common areas within which a great business coach can help you develop and grow.

Top 10 Key Areas to Focus On

1. Communication and Presentation Skills

Have you ever felt like your communication and presentation skills could use some polishing? Even the most seasoned communicators and presenters often feel that these skills need continuous refinement. Session's business coaches are adept at guiding you to convey your message effectively and assertively.

2. Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the art of reading and responding to another person’s emotions appropriately, regulating one’s own emotions and feelings, and situational awareness. Session’s business coaches are equipped at helping you to build great relationships and choose the right moment to approach people and topics.

3. Leadership

Whether you’re a seasoned c-suite executive, or just getting started on your leadership journey, business coaching can help you to become a great leader with a sharpened toolbox which help you to engage, motivate, and empower your employees in the day-to-day business and in times of disruptive change and uncertainty.

4. Change Management

Effective leaders require the skills to manage change effectively. Talk to your business coach about change management, and learn how to master strategy implementation and get the buy-in and commitment from your team.

5. Resilience and Stress management

Does excess stress have a negative impact on your life? If so, resilience and stress management coaching can help you master healthy coping mechanisms. A business coach can guide you on how to stay calm and connected in the midst of turmoil and how to prevent stress from derailing into something toxic for you and others.

6. Identifying and Applying Strengths

Can you identify and apply your strengths to everyday business scenarios and challenges? And those of your team and team members? Business coaching helps you to discover how to bring your strengths to play in your everyday work and to amplify the strengths of others.

7. Improve Your Company and Team Culture

Think about your company and team culture - are there areas of improvement? By contributing to an inclusive, engaging and safe working environment, you will reap the benefits of a happier, more productive workforce. Talk to your business coach about strategies to improve your company culture.

8. Planning & Prioritizing

Do you get overwhelmed with duties and responsibilities? Do you often find that long-term strategy execution and vision gets overlooked, in the midst of ticking off your checklist and day-to-day duties? If so, you may need to speak to your business coach about planning and prioritizing.

9. Improve Self Confidence and Influencing Others

Do you doubt your abilities and have a hard time influencing others? If so, a business coach can help you take steps to improve your self-confidence. Speak to your business coach about developing your confidence, carrying yourself with poise, and believing in your own value and contribution.

10. Strategic Thinking

Have you often found yourself struggling to think strategically? A business coach can help you to think strategically, move your organization in the right direction, whilst serving the overall vision.


The prospect of engaging with a business coach may seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be! Break down your coaching journey into key focus areas that you would like to concentrate your efforts on. Start with making a list of your top three areas of improvement, and continue expanding into more areas as your coaching journey unfolds. Curious to learn more about professional business coaching? Get in touch with the Session team to learn more about our coaching options.

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