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Developing your leaders
through coaching

Through our individualized leadership coaching journeys we help leaders become great leaders. Great leadership equals results, engagement and happiness

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Do you need to sharpen your leadership skills?

Strengthen your leadership

Great leadership has an enormous impact on employee happiness, engagement and productivity and is paramount for the results and the course of the whole organization. It is therefore important that leaders have the right competencies and tools to lead human beings, teams, and are able to create collaboration and synergy between teams.

Leadership coaching can strengthen you in the following areas, amongst others:

  • Create engagement and motivation in your team
  • Solve conflicts in a constructive manner
  • Give and receive feedback and establish a great feedback culture
  • Focus and take time off
  • Think and act strategically
  • Bring your strengths to play and get more energy during the (work) day
  • Communicating in a clear, concise and engaging way

Do you need perspective on your leadership journey?

Leadership development through online coaching

Leadership is a discipline and great leadership can be trained and learned. The best way to become a better leader is to progressively get more tools in your toolbox, to try them out and get feedback along the way. Through our online leadership coaching development journeys, you get tools, practical advice, reflection time and feedback to sharpen you and make you successful as a leader.

Book a clarifying session

Get clear on whether a leadership coaching journey is something for you or your employees. In this session we will talk through the goals and desired outcome of the journey. If you are interested in offering leadership coaching to the managers in your organization, we talk through what great leadership looks like within your organization.

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Get our offer

After the first session you will get an offer from us. If it is one manager, who needs coaching, s/he gets to choose between three different coaches, before embarking on the journey. If the offer is for more managers at the same time, we will send you an overview of the individualized as well as the joint sessions, and how we will tailor it to your organization.

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Continuous coaching

Over a period of 6-9 months the manager receives coaching and tries out new tools, behaviors and leadership practices in his/her daily life. We gather feedback and evaluate continuously. New goals are set, we talk about what works and what doesn’t, and eventually, a new and better way of leading becomes a natural part of who you are as a leader and a person.

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When the manager is through the journey, we evaluate the results. This can be combined with a 360 survey, or another feedback mechanism, making sure it is visible what the ROI from investing in leadership coaching is.

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What is your development potential?

Practice makes Masters

We tailor each leadership development journey to each individual leader, to ensure maximum value for money. We look at where you have the greatest development potential - and get input from your employees, colleagues and your manager, potentially. We all have different strengths and weaknesses, so the below themes are just examples of themes and leadership tools you can work on with your coach:

  1. 360 degree around your leadership
    Where do you yourself and your colleagues think you have your greatest strengths, weaknesses and development potential? We plan the journey based on these inputs.
  2. Difficult conversations and 1:1’s
    We work together to strengthen your ability to give and receive positive as well as negative feedback to and from your employees, as well as engaging them through developing and positive 1:1’s.
  3. Get the overview with trust and delegation
    It can be hard to let go of old habits and work-projects, when stepping into a leadership position, either new, or at another level. The ability to delegate is paramount and can be learned. You get concrete advice on how to delegate without losing control.
  4. Change Management
    Many organizations are in constant change. It can be due to scaling or changes in the market. Change can cause distress, nervousness and lack of engagement amongst employees. Learn how to help employees navigate constructively in times of change, and how your communication and leadership can help create perspective, calmness and clarity.
  5. Conflicts and tensions
    Tensions amongst co-workers can be draining and hard for even experienced managers. The art of solving conflicts in a constructive manner can be learned, and requires that you understand what is at stake between the parties involved. You get concrete advice on how to solve conflicts and prevent tensions and conflicts from arising in the first place or hindering you in doing the best job possible.
  6. Holistic- and Strategic Thinking
    In our day-to-day life as managers, it is easy to forget the overall goals, and just dig into the daily grind of constant evolving to-do’s and tasks. Through the leadership coaching journey you are challenged to concentrate on the big-picture, look at things from a strategic and holistic perspective, to look at things anew and to make wiser, more strategic decisions.
  7. Personal leadership
    With your role as a leader you get more responsibility. We have to solve our own tasks, yet we also have to help employees make wise priorities and solve their tasks in the best possible way with the time available. Knowing your own strengths, weaknesses and how to best help others work and lead is paramount for great leadership.
  8. Hybrid work and leadership
    Covid exposed us to new ways of working. We have seen both pros and cons with the hybrid way. You need to communicate even more clearly and have more frequent check-ins with your employees. How to lead in the best possible way when working remotely and with hybrid teams, is something that can be learned. You get new ideas for how to best involve, engage and develop the employees on your team, also when you are not physically together every day.
  9. Understand your employees personalities and preferences
    One of the characteristics of a high performing team is diversity. A high degree of diversity equals better results - if you know how to get the best out of the diversity in your team. Get to know what engages each team member the most, what drives him or her and how to bring each individual best into play.