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Meetings You Don’t Want to Miss

Meetings You Don’t Want to Miss

Ever found yourself in a meeting wondering, 'What am I doing here?' You're not alone. This guide offers concrete tips to make your meetings meaningful and engaging – transforming them into sessions everyone looks forward to!

Have you ever sat in a meeting thinking, “What am I doing here?” You're not alone. Surprisingly, 71% of managers find meetings unproductive. This guide provides practical tips to transform your meetings into engaging, productive sessions that no one wants to miss.

Meetings: More Than Just Agenda

Meetings should energize and inspire. They're about sharing ideas, knowledge, solutions, and emotions. Done right, they can be catalysts for high performance and meaningful social interactions at work, addressing issues like mental health and loneliness.

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Making Meetings Productive and Meaningful

  • Question the Necessity: Before scheduling, ask yourself if the meeting is essential.
  • Selective Invitations: Invite only those crucial to the meeting's objectives.
  • Clear Agenda: Always have a well-defined agenda and communicate it in advance.
  • Timeliness: Respect everyone's time. Start and end on schedule, or even early.
  • Roles and Responsibilities: Assign specific roles such as note-taker, timekeeper, and facilitator.
  • Energy and Engagement: Keep the energy up. Ensure everyone's voice is heard.
  • Action Oriented: Conclude with clear action items and next steps.

Adapting to Different Meeting Types

Tailor your approach based on the meeting type - be it brainstorming, informational, problem-solving, planning, or decision-making. Think creatively about the meeting's structure, facilitation, and location.

Innovative Meeting Ideas

Introduce 'constructive disturbances' to keep engagement high:

  • Change venues for a fresh atmosphere.
  • Rotate meeting leadership and responsibilities.
  • Kick-off meetings uniquely – try a minute of meditation, a group reflection, or sharing positive work moments.
  • Experiment with standing meetings or new seating arrangements.
  • Encourage smaller group discussions before bringing everyone together.
  • For a change, go for a walking meeting or bring in surprise elements like a guest speaker.

Online Meeting Best Practices

Ensure everyone is comfortable with the digital tools. Remember, keeping online meetings engaging requires extra effort. Use best practices like muting when not speaking and encouraging active participation.

Remember the Social Aspect

Sometimes, the value of a meeting lies in the social connections it fosters. Don’t overlook the importance of this aspect.

By embracing these tips, your meetings can become more than just agenda items; they can be moments of collaboration, inspiration, and productivity.

Happy Meetings from Our Team to Yours!

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