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Coaching Everywhere

Session has helped me grow as a professional. My coach is in another part of the world, but it doesn't matter, we meet online. This way I can grow and mature my leadership skills, with the best support possible.

Linda Mathenge-Mwangi, Project Catalyst, GrowthAfrica at GrowthAfrica
Linda Mathenge-Mwangi
Project Catalyst, GrowthAfrica

My Session coach really gets the business challenges I am facing. She knows exactly how to guide me to perform better in the organizational settings I am operating within

Peder Nørskov, Director of Procurement, Wind Power, Ørsted at Ørsted
Peder Nørskov
Director of Procurement, Wind Power, Ørsted
Online and Efficient

At Session, we make professional business coaching accessible to everyone through our online platform. We believe the online world has some upfront benefits in terms of making it easier to get access to elite coaches, no matter where in the world you are.

Affordable and Accessible to All

Elite level coaching should not be reserved for the few. We make world-class coaching accessible to everyone with easy, flexible and tailored solutions. If you or your business has big dreams, we empower you to deliver no matter who you are or what you earn.

Proven ROI

Session clients want tangible benefits that enhance business critical issues. We offer tailored coaching and measurable progress Session by Session. Academia has spoken – focused professional development through quality coaching improves engagement, performance and bottom line.

Here's how it works

1. Get in Touch

Every customer and company is unique. We work with you to identify your specific requirements and select the right coaching program for you. We identify what organizational goals, behaviors, changes and mindsets that are essential to your future success, and build a coaching program around your urgent needs.

2. Get Started

You or your employees embark on the coaching journey with specially selected, world-class coaches. We jointly set expectations, agree on milestones, and get started. The coaching takes place online – safe, secure, convenient, efficient and valuable – through our user-friendly platform.

2. Get Started

3. Follow Client Development – Session by Session

As the coaching journey continues, progress is tracked, expectations evaluated, milestones and successes celebrated. The coach helps employees level up their professional skills with challenging and stimulating sessions grounded in applicable business scenarios.

3. Follow Client Development – Session by Session

Meet a few of our coaches

Session coaches are professional business coaches, and they are carefully vetted.

Professional business coaching is the art of helping leaders and employees grow and thrive as well as drive their business in a desired, more impactful and sustainable direction.

Each coach exhibits elite coaching skills and has many years of experience with business coaching. Our coaches come from many different backgrounds, and are dispersed all over the world, covering many time-zones.

  • Esther Marugan, a Session coach

    Esther Marugan

    Barcelona, Spain & LATAM

    Professional Executive Coach, Expert within Innovation, Strategic and Transformational Leadership

  • Henrik Kongsbak, a Session coach

    Henrik Kongsbak

    Copenhagen, Denmark

    Licensed Business Psychologist and Professional Executive Coach, Expert within Leadership and Organizational Change

  • Manish Srivastava, a Session coach

    Manish Srivastava

    Pune, India

    Professional Executive Coach, Expert within Leadership Transformation, Leading Change, Facilitation and Social Presencing Theater

  • Sheila Kariuki, a Session coach

    Sheila Kariuki

    Nairobi, Kenya

    Certified Executive Leadership Coach, Executive Recruiter, Headhunter & Organisational Effectiveness Consultant

  • Clarissa Corneliussen, a Session coach

    Clarissa Corneliussen

    Copenhagen, Denmark

    Licensed Business Psychologist, Leadership Consultant and Facilitator, Compassion Consulting

  • Thomas Weiss, a Session coach

    Thomas Weiss

    Melbourne, Australia

    Professional Executive Coach, Expert within Leadership Assessment & Development, Talent Management and Organizational Development

How coaches are selected

Session coaches are carefully vetted and selected based on the following characteristics:


Licensed Business Psychologists or Certified and licensed by one of the world's leading coaching associations or other relevant education. All of our coaches are engaged in continuous education, feedback and supervision.

Business Acumen

Deep knowledge and experience derived from many years of coaching in modern organizations. Skilled at constructing programs targeted at resolving specific organizational challenges and helping clients reach strategic goals.


At least 5 years of Professional Business Coaching in organizational settings accompanied by stand-out reviews from clients.


Our coaches care deeply for the clients and the organizations they work with. Each coach shows up with presence and acts ethically with integrity and confidentiality.

Ready for the Online

All of our coaches are ready to and experienced in delivering world-class online coaching. The art of coaching online takes practice, and our user-friendly platform facilitates the experience.

Coaching Everywhere

Every Session coach brings their own style, but we all subscribe to the these principles:

We build on strengths
We identify strengths in people, systems and structures. We build on strengths to overcome barriers and challenges.

We imagine the next new
We look into the future and ask: “What if?”, “What's possible?”, “What's emerging?” We look beyond the existing.

We care
That's it. We care! Care for people, the planet, organizational life, Startups, corporates, leaders and employees.

We believe in body-awareness and presence
We stay present, tune in, listen to and care for our bodies. We believe there is wisdom hidden in our bodies and in presence.

We experiment
We try things out, gather feedback, learn and adjust. We are curious, investigative and driven by doing.

We act with integrity, behave ethically and keep confidentiality
As a default. We build trust by keeping our promises and by knowing our own strengths and limitations.

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