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Psychological Safety At Work

Psychological Safety At Work

Watch the recording of our webinar focused on psychological safety and resilience - examining the link between both. Join us to learn how to foster psychological safe and resilient workplaces, brought to you by our expert panelists Rand Blak Barawy, Engagement Manager at Implement Consulting Group and Marlene Gudman, Employee Success Business Partner North/ EMEA, Salesforce.

November 23, 2022 at 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM (UTC)

Psychological safety and resilience have garnered more attention in recent years, but what is the link between the two? Psychological safety in the workplace refers to individuals feeling safe speaking up, asking for help, admitting mistakes, or challenging the status quo, all without reprimand. Resilience refers to the ability to adapt to difficult situations and adversity.

Recent studies show how workplaces with a high degree of psychological safety ensures not only employee happiness, but also a culture of learning and resilience. In today’s climate, it is paramount that we build organizations where people dare to speak up about important issues and feel safe at work.

  • But what does it take to build psychological safety at work?
  • Why does psychological safety matter in the bigger picture?
  • What are some best practices for psychological safety and organizational resilience that can be implemented?
  • How can leaders and HR implement a system of continuous feedback to strengthen psychological safety?

These, and many more questions, are answered at this Session webinar. Our two esteemed panelists, each with a vast amount of experience creating psychological safe work environments, help us shed light on this important topic.


The Webinar is moderated by Session’s founder and CEO, Pernille Brun

To learn more about the topic, read the article written by one of the panelists, Rand Blak Barawy: “How to Create and Maintain Psychologically Safe Workplaces”

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