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1:1 professional coaching doesn’t just help leadership and employee development and boost engagement, it gives your enterprise a strategic advantage. Session bridges the gap between where your company is and where you want it to be by offering affordable coaching that up-skills and develops your leaders and employees. Do you struggle with engagement and retention? Would you like to take your leaders and employees to the next level, securing great leadership across the board? Then Session might be the right solution for you. 

Reach out and we will tailor the right professional business coaching program for you and your employees.

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Monthly Subscription, Quarterly Trend Reports, ROI Guaranteed

With monthly subscriptions for each employee signed up for the program, you never have to worry about extra cost or value for money. The ROI of professional coaching has been tried and tested. Both research and our clients can attest to tangible improvements in employee performance, engagement, as well as job satisfaction, as a result of the tailormade business coaching journeys.

In addition, we capture the “state of your workforce” with our quarterly trend report. This allows us to highlight common trends, issues, and dilemmas brought up in the confidential coaching sessions without jeopardizing trust. This gives you an opportunity to foresee and be ahead of changes you may need to make as a company, to be on top when it comes to great company culture as well as great leadership.

Partnering with Session has removed several barriers for us within L&D. For one, we have found an easy and accessible way to offer business coaching of high quality. The setup happens smoothly and hasslefree. Secondly, the option for coaching in local languages is a game-changer, removing communication barriers during personal and leadership development. Lastly, the efficacy of the coaching is quantified through surveys, which substantiate the value of our investment. All in all, offering business coaching through Session pays off, on many levels.

Jesper Diget, Group Chief People Officer (CHRO)
Jesper Diget
Group Chief People Officer (CHRO)

Why is Offering Professional 1:1 Coaching a Win-Win for Companies and Employees?

When individuals develop in a positive direction, it moves the whole organization. Here are some of the reasons why organizations offer coaching for employees and leaders

  • It attracts and retains great talent

    75% of job hunters prioritize professional development

  • Employee satisfaction and engagement rises

    Learning and growth opportunities are expected by employees

  • New skills and mindsets are required for future business growth

    Coaching helps each individual to develop and grow to the benefit of the whole organization

  • Coaching improves company culture

    Employees responds positively when they observe the organization is walking the walk when it comes to valuing employees and caring about their development and growth

  • Employees learn new skills and methodologies

    And these help them constructively solve problems, navigate dilemmas and show up at work with enthusiasm

  • Coaching brings the company strategy, vision and mission to life

    Employees act on the vision and implement strategic initiatives, when they are guided and empowered to do so

  • Coaching develops and helps struggling or aspiring leaders

    Leadership is paramount when it comes to the growth of the company as well as of employees. Employees don't leave companies, they leave managers

  • Coaching boosts performance, creativity, innovation and productivity

    Need we say more?

  • Ready to get going?Reach out and let us tailormake a program for you