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Are you looking for a strategic business coach who can help you make the right choices and steer you and your business in the right direction? Are you curious about your own strengths and how to bring them to play in a business setting? Are you longing for a better engagement at work, a better work-life balance and/or to develop your communication and leadership skills?

Reach out and we will match you with a professional business coach who can make your goals achievable. With Session’s monthly subscription you receive world-class coaching and get access to our coaching platform where you can book your sessions, keep track of your journey, chat with your coach, as well as access the online business coaching sessions

Partner with a professional business coach – woman is happy with her online coaching journey

Coaching has changed the world for me – positively speaking. Our continued online sessions keep me sharp, focused, and ahead of possible derailers in my own leadership style – and life. I am reminded to use my strengths, to keep on challenging myself, and to help others grow from their strengths too

Martin Gert Hansen, Associate Manager, DMS Mould Factory Metrology Lab, Novo Nordisk A/S
Martin Gert $Hansen
Associate Manager, DMS Mould Factory Metrology Lab, Novo Nordisk A/S

My coach is providing me with the knowledge, resources, and practical skills needed for me to become the leader I want to be and the leader my organization needs me to be. Coaching has accelerated my growth tremendously and enabled me to excel in areas that would have otherwise taken me years to figure out on my own. My coach draws on her extensive expertise when aiding me in my decision making on strategy, organization, leadership, and personal development, and there is no doubt that she has significantly increased the pace and quality of the growth of our business

Maja Vonsild Jørgensen, CEO, Hove A/S
Maja Vonsild $Jørgensen
CEO, Hove A/S

Get Stronger with Tailor Made Business Coaching

Let's admit it - business coaching cannot fix everything. But it can fix a lot. The following examples are areas within which we have helped clients

  • Communication and Presentation Skills

    Learn and train how to best deliver messages in a clear and understandable way and communicate well with your employees, colleagues, upper management, and stakeholders. Session coaches empower your voice to get your message across effectively

  • Emotional intelligence

    Improve how you develop, nurture and sustain constructive interpersonal relationships. Learn how to regulate your own emotions, put yourself in others' shoes, empathize with others, and how to read the room and choose the right moment to approach people and topics

  • Leadership

    Learn how to lead, engage, motivate, empower your employees in the day-to-day business and in times of disruptive change and uncertainty

  • Change Management

    Drive projects forward and lead the organization towards success. Master strategy implementation with the buy-in and commitment of your team

  • Resilience and Stress management

    Stay calm and connected in the midst of turmoil. Bounce back after hardships, and overcome Keep a cool head and warm heart even when things are rough and busy

  • Identifying and Applying Strengths

    Discover how to bring your strengths to play in your everyday work and to amplify the strengths of others. Build on strengths to overcome challenges and win the game of the business

  • Improve Company and Team Culture

    Create, contribute and develop an inclusive, engaging and productive working environment by building on the values and strengths of individuals and the company

  • Planning & Prioritizing

    Time- and Project management and organizing oneself and one's tasks, workload, and responsibilities in a timely manner, thus increasing productivity and efficiency

  • Improve Self Confidence and Influencing Others

    Carry yourself with poise, treat others and yourself with respect, make your voice heard when needed, and believe in your own value and contribution. Manage upwards and outwards

  • Strategic Thinking

    Augment foresight to craft plans to move the organization in the right direction, whilst serving the overall vision. Take the helicopter view and use resources wisely

  • Decision-making and Navigating Dilemmas

    Understand how to make the right decisions, when there are no easy solutions and answers

  • Session has helped me grow as a professional. My coach is in another part of the world, but it doesn't matter, we meet online. This way I can grow and mature my leadership skills, with the best support possible

    Linda Mathenge-Mwangi, Project Catalyst, GrowthAfrica
    Linda $Mathenge-Mwangi
    Project Catalyst, GrowthAfrica

    Making the transition from a large, corporate setting into the world of a start-up is no easy task. My coach has helped me on this journey, and Session’s online coaching solution makes it easy, flexible and accessible to connect. I highly recommend professional business coaching with Session!

    Peder Nørskov, Director of Procurement, Wind Power, Ørsted
    Peder $Nørskov
    Director of Procurement, Wind Power, Ørsted

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