Session in aNutshell

Session is a global online coaching company connecting professionals and companies with world-class business coaches.

The vision of Session is to democratize high-quality business coaching and remove financial and location-based barriers to business education. The mission of Session is to make professional coaching accessible to all.

Our Team

Session is made up of a carefully selected group of independent professionals working remotely from all over the world. Our team is what helps us excel. Reach out if you would like to join. We are a remote first company with flexible working hours and an entrepreneurial working environment.

Our Team

Session's Coaching Community

The Session Coaching Community consists of highly qualified, world-class professional business coaches, ready to help clients succeed with their career and business dreams.
Session’s coaches bring great diversity, joining the cause from all over the world. All Session coaches come from different backgrounds and have their own unique style. Each coach brings relevant education and certification and has more than 5 years of coaching experience with great reviews from clients. On top of this, they have elite business acumen, a commitment to showing up with presence - and they are, of course, ready for the online.

Session's Coaching Community

Session's Founder and CEO

Session was founded by Pernille Hippe Brun on the foundations of a career spent running a successful consultancy and helping companies all over the world. Pernille has inspired high-profile businesses on matters of employee, leadership and talent development whilst providing strategic advice on how to create and nurture a great organizational culture in-person or remotely. Throughout her career, Pernille has also worked as a Business Coach, helping leaders and employees navigate and thrive in modern (work) life. Pernille has a speedy mind, a big heart, and grand visions for the future of online business coaching and education.

Pernille is the author of several books on leadership and organizational life, including the best-selling book “Strengths-Based Leadership Handbook” and “On the Move: Lessons for the future from Nordic Leaders”.

Read more about Pernille on LinkedIn.

Session's Founder and CEO

The History of Session

Session was founded in the spring of 2020 by Pernille Hippe Brun. As the world grappled with the seismic impact of a global pandemic, businesses had no other choice but to rapidly adapt to online working environments.  In-person meetings ceased to exist, and managers had to make the shift to leading their teams in a remote, online setting.

For many companies, rapid productivity growth signalled that online work was highly effective. However, such monumental changes in the work environment also proved to be challenging - leading to mental health issues and struggling leaders and employees at all levels. As a result, employees needed additional support in navigating change, as well as learning how to work and lead teams remotely.

Over the years, Pernille has been working as strategic advisor and executive coach for executives in several multinational companies. Through conversations with them during the spring of 2020,  Pernille discovered that her clients were struggling with establishing scalable consultancy and business coaching support for their leaders and employees around the world, support that was online, global and scalable.

With Pernille’s experience working with technology companies and her global network of professional business coaches it dawned on her that she might have the skills, the network, and the vision for a platform that could meet her clients needs.

This realization led to the birth of Session. Pernille gathered a founding team around her in her family's  cabin in Sweden. Located in a remote forest, the off-grid cabin provided the perfect setting for big thinking. The vision and mission of Session were debated at great lengths, the plans for a technical platform were executed, and Session was born.

The Session Cabin

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