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David Cooperrider and Roberta Baskin on: Business as a Force For Good

David Cooperrider and Roberta Baskin on: Business as a Force For Good

In a world facing tremendous challenges, the role of leaders and businesses in addressing these issues is paramount. Learn from the wisdom of the father of Appreciative Inquiry, a profound organizational change methodology, David Cooperrider in dialogue with Award winning journalist and communications guru, Roberta Baskin, in this recorded webinar as they discuss 'Business as a Force for Good'.

September 16, 2021 at 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM (UTC)

David Cooperrider in dialogue with Roberta Baskin: “Business as a Force for Good”

Watch the recording of this exciting webinar on “Business as a Force for Good” featuring David Cooperrider in dialogue with Roberta Baskin.

With the world facing a climate crisis, socio-economic disparity, societal and workplace inequality, and inclusion issues, our webinar addresses the following critical questions:

  • What role can leaders and businesses play in solving current global issues?
  • What opportunities and challenges arise for leaders and companies actively pursuing the common good?
  • Are mission statements and CSR policies effective enough? How can we ensure that leaders and companies sincerely work towards a more sustainable and humanitarian future?
  • What are some examples of leaders and businesses working to solve our collective problems?
  • What role does, could and perhaps should the media as well as business schools play in shedding light on solutions, possibilities and great examples of business as a force for good? Does it matter?

David Cooperrider, Distinguished Professor at the Weatherhead School of Business, is the co-creator and creative thought leader of Appreciative Inquiry (AI) as well as Faculty Director of the Center for Business as an Agent for World Benefit. Through Appreciative Inquiry, David Cooperrider has inspired countless leaders, businesses and organizations, helping them reimagine and restructure themselves in order to make a positive impact in the world.

In this webinar David is in dialogue with Roberta Baskin, Award Winning Journalist and Communications Guru. Apart from winning numerous awards as an investigative journalist, Roberta Baskin also founded at the Fowler Center for Business as an Agent of World Benefit. This initiative invites business school students to write about and showcase scalable business innovations aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Roberta has also been honored among “100 Visionary Leaders” by Real Leaders Magazine.

The webinar is moderated by Session’s founder and CEO, Pernille Brun, with whom David co-authored the book “Strengths-Based Leadership Handbook”.

You might also find this article on the topic, authored by Ilma Barros, interesting: “So you want to use your Business as a Force for Good? Here is how”.

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