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Emotional Support and Mental Health at the Workplace

Emotional Support and Mental Health at the Workplace

The world is facing incredible hardship right now. What role can HR, leaders and businesses play in helping to support employee emotional wellbeing and mental health at work? This - and more - is discussed by an experienced panel in this interesting and timely webinar.

April 27, 2022 at 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM (UTC)

Workplace mental health and emotional support as well as founder mental health have been at the forefront of HR's agenda for years. As the world continues to grapple with the aftermath of the pandemic, along with conflict, war, and escalating global tensions - employees need more support now than ever before. Watch the recording from our webinar held on April 20th 2022 to learn more about how HR, leaders and organizations in general can support employee mental health and emotional well-being.

Our webinar addresses the following critical questions:

  • What role can and should HR, leaders and organizations overall play in supporting employee emotional well-being?
  • What challenges and opportunities arise for companies actively working to help with employee mental health?
  • Are company mental health policies, such as mental health days, effective enough? How can we ensure that companies sincerely work towards better employee mental health and emotional well-being?
  • What are some best practice examples of businesses working to help with employee mental health? What does it take and “look like”?
  • Is there a difference between what mental health initiatives can and should be implemented in organizations depending on their size and age: e.g. between start-ups vs. large, established corporations?

In the webinar, panelist (mentioned below) with extensive experience working to heighten employee mental health and wellbeing in organizations shed light on the questions above, and many more.


The webinar was moderated by Session’s CEO, Pernille Brun.

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