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Empowered Leadership: The Role of EdTech in Shaping Tomorrow's Leaders

Empowered Leadership: The Role of EdTech in Shaping Tomorrow's Leaders

Explore the impact of EdTech on leadership development in our upcoming webinar. Featuring insights from emagine, LMS 365, and Session, learn how tools like Learning Management Systems and Online Coaching are shaping effective leaders for the modern workplace.

November 15, 2023 at 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM (UTC)

Great leadership by empowered leaders is in high demand in today's organizations. Employees seek leaders who can support, challenge, guide, empower, prioritize, and recognize their strengths. While many companies invest in leadership programs, the question remains: Are they getting an optimal return on their investment?

In an era where remote and hybrid work models dominate, traditional face-to-face leadership training often falls short in creating lasting change. While these sessions invigorate teams, the lessons learned can be fleeting as old habits resurface. Today's challenges demand innovative EdTech learning tools. Learning Management Systems offer leaders on-demand, high-quality training, while online coaching ensures the translation of knowledge into actionable leadership habits. In this webinar, we'll address questions such as:

  • What defines great leadership, and how can we best support, train, and empower such leaders?
  • How can online tools complement traditional leadership training?
  • How do Learning Management Systems revolutionize leadership development?
  • What role does individualized coaching play in reinforcing new leadership skills?
  • How can organizations ensure the long-term impact of leadership development programmes?

This webinar is organized by Session in a partnership with EdTech Denmark, emagine and LMS365.

Webinar participants

  • Jesper Diget, CHRO of emagine, spearheads emagine's innovative blended Leadership Development program and secures tools to digitally support leaders in their 1:1s, surveys, and feedback.
  • Clarissa Corneliussen, a top leadership consultant and business coach, experienced in delivering coaching online and great leadership programmes of tomorrow.
  • Robin Daniels, Chief Business & Product Officer at LMS365. Robin is a seasoned expert in marketing and software product development with a strong track-record from companies like Salesforce, WeWork, LinkedIn, Box, and Matterport - and well known for his love of people - and learning!
  • Pernille Brun, CEO & Co-founder, Session. Pernille’s career spans from being an entrepreneur herself, author of several books about organizational life and leadership - to being a top facilitator and expert within leadership development. Pernille will be the moderator of this webinar
  • Kurt Gammelgaard Nielsen, Board member of EdTech Denmark. We are honored to have Kurt open our webinar.

About Session and Our Webinars

Session is a global online business coaching and leadership development company dedicated to creating a world with exceptional leadership and sustainable organizations. Our mission is to democratize the access to high-quality business education and remove financial and location-based barriers to professional development. As part of this commitment, we host quarterly webinars that address current and relevant topics essential to leading, working, and thriving in today's dynamic work environment.

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