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Stress Management
and Prevention Program

We help you and your employees cope with and prevent stress and stressors, whether stress is acute or sneaking up on you. We help you build resilience - for yourself and your teams.

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Are you or one of your colleagues dealing with stress?

Stress Symptoms

Unaddressed stress, accumulated over long time periods can end up becoming a debilitating condition. Therefore, it’s paramount that we learn to identify the symptoms of stress in time, so that we can act and take preventative measures before it spirals out of control.

Stress Symptoms:

  • A feeling of an unmanageable amount of work.
  • Having a hard time prioritizing tasks.
  • Your body is in a state of alert, and incoming emails, phone calls or text messages give you palpitations.
  • Work and thoughts about work preoccupy most of your waking hours.
  • Difficulties sleeping, waking up early thinking about work.
  • Agitation, hyperventilation and headaches.
  • Feeling out of balance and unhappy at work.
  • Being short tempered and maybe even angry with family, friends or co-workers.
  • Dizziness, confusion and lack of clarity.

Has stress sneaked up on you or your colleagues?

Get clear and get started

If you recognize one or many of the stress symptoms described above, we encourage you to act and reach out to get information and clarification regarding intervention possibilities. Early intervention is key.

Here is what you can do:

  • Book us for a session, and get clarification
    Whether it is yourself or your colleagues, coworkers or employees that are experiencing stress, we encourage you to reach out to get clarification about stress symptoms, intervention possibilities and what a coaching journey can offer and help with.
  • Get started
    Whether you or your colleagues/employees are experiencing acute stress or want to take preventative measures, a coaching journey can be the way forward and give you valuable tools for the future. Based on clarification from the first conversation we make a future-oriented plan, and get started. The journey gives tools, insights and ideas for how to prevent, handle and deal with stress and stressors, going forward.

How to deal with stress?

Stress management and prevention

Our stress-prevention coaching journeys are tailored to fit the individual participant - whether you are experiencing stress yourself or whether you want to be better equipped to help build resilient organizations, in which you help prevent stress. Our journeys will touch upon the following:

  1. Clarification and perspective - is it stress, burnout, or “just” busyness?
  2. Knowledge and understanding about stress and stress-symptoms.
  3. Tools to handle the here-and-now situation in a constructive manner.
  4. Prioritization - saying yes and no - to the right things - in the right order - what matters most? What needs to be done, what can wait, how does one best use the time available?
  5. Work-life-balance. Finding harmony.
  6. Strategies and tools to cope in situations of stress, big-picture thinking,, staying on top of things, avoiding burnout and chronic stress from occurring.
  7. Clarification and insight into one’s own strength and values and how to best bring strengths to play and act in alignment with values.
  8. Fostering atomic habits and how to sustain good, healthy habits.