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From Operational to Strategic HR: Best Practice from the Field

From Operational to Strategic HR: Best Practice from the Field

HR is not merely a tactical function focused solely on operational aspects of the employee lifecycle. However, this perception sometimes exists within organizations. Admittedly, HR can also sometimes fall short in delivering strategic impact. In this webinar recording we explore the best practices for HR professionals to increase the visibility of their contributions and develop strategies for creating genuine strategic impact on the overall business.

April 10, 2024 at 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM (UTC)

Most of us know that the HR function goes beyond merely managing employee life cycle operations. Unfortunately, in some organizations, HR lacks the recognition and influence it deserves. In this webinar we explored what it takes for HR to secure impact, investment and commitment at the strategic level in the organization and what levers they can use to tackle business challenges. In the webinar we discussed best practice examples and dug deeper into questions related to the role of HR in strategic decision-making, such as:

  • How can HR contribute meaningfully to high-level strategic discussions among C-level executives?
  • What strategic questions and topics should the CHRO raise and present to other C-level executives and why?
  • How can HR collaborate effectively with other departments to foster an integrated strategic approach?
  • What are some best practice examples of what “going from a more operational to a more strategic approach” look like in real life?

To help unfold this important topic and get insight into best practice examples, we had invited two highly experienced professionals with experience in the field - from two different viewpoints:

The webinar was moderated by CEO & co-founder of Session, Pernille Brun

Watch the webinar recording for an insightful discussion on elevating the role of HR in strategic development and decision-making.

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