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We are back at
TechBBQ 2023

We are proud to be back for the second year at TechBBQ. It is hard to find a better melting pot for innovation and entrepreneurship in the Nordics.

We started Session as on online business coaching platform and we work with founders and startups on a daily basis. This is why we love TechBBQ!

Picture of Session founders at TechBBQ main stage.

Meet Session

Why visit Sessions booth?

We will showing off Session's coaching, tutoring and mentoring platform. We started Session as on online business coaching platform and we work with founders and startups on a daily basis.

We would love to speak with startups and corporates about great leadership, leadership development and online coaching.

See our coaching, tutoring & mentoring platform: We are proud about the platform we have built. We facilitate thousands of coaching sessions and handle payments to coaches all over the world. Everything is automated and has saved everyone involved countless hours by eliminating tedious overhead. Perhaps your company could use a platform like this?

Everyone deserves a good boss: Good leadership is one of the most important factors for growth, well-being, and retention. Competent and good leadership does not come naturally. Get in touch with us to discuss how we can best equip your leaders to achieve your goals and create results you can be proud of.

Leadership development: Our team of leadership consultants has many years of experience in world-class leadership development. We have delivered countless successful programs in both private companies and public authorities. We have excellent references in virtually all industries.

Leadership coaching: All experience shows that leadership development programs that are combined with business coaching create the best results. Leadership development in a course format should be supplemented with practical testing and coaching along the way.

Mental health: We can all be affected by stress. With an individual stress treatment program, we help you or your employee to prevent and manage serious stress before it becomes disabling.

Investment conversations: Session is a profitable company and has seen great organic growth. We are not actively raising capital but we would be happy to build our network in the investment community.

Meet us at TechBBQWe would love to meet you at TechBBQ. Send us a message so we can chat or go to our booth.